"Abstraction, Belief, Desire" by Pat Steir, 1981

“Abstraction,  Belief, Desire” by Pat Steir, 1981  

Workshops and Seminars

The conference will include a series of seminars and workshops with up to twelve participants whose papers will be available in advance.  Any conference registrant may read the papers here and attend the seminars and workshops. 

Seminar and Workshop Papers will be posted as they become available, and all should be online in April 2008. The programs and papers can be viewed using the links below. Please note that these links are password protected. If you did not receive the username and password when you registered, please email us at berks@umn.edu for this information. If you are a seminar or workshop participant please look here for information on how to submit your paper.

Workshop and seminar papers will be removed from the website one week after the conclusion of the conference.